Business Opportunity in Whangarei


If you’ve ever considered a change in lifestyle or career, we have a brilliant opportunity for you.

One of our franchisees from the beautiful Whangarei region, Peter, is selling up his lawn mowing business. He has been with Crewcut for 6 years, but is now moving on to a new part of his life. 

During his years with us at Crewcut, Peter has accumulated more than 50 clients both ride-on and hand mower. Peter has a good mixture of commercial and residential clients which ensures a decent and ongoing income. With his partner, he could get this mowing round done in a couple of days, but on his own it would take about four days.

Peter mentioned that he got brilliant support from the Whangarei Regional Manager which has made getting customers and maintaining his business a breeze. Whangarei is the perfect region for escaping the big major centres and soaking up the sun - just 2 hours from Auckland. 'The Winter-less North' as it's known, is home to around 56,000 people, and growing.

So if you’re interested in joining a lawn mowing business but don’t want to put in the hard yards getting customers - this could be the perfect solution for you! One of the major benefits of joining Crewcut is you will receive on-going support from head office and your regional manager. The marketing will be done for you - so customers will continue to call. 

If you need more financial information and costs - check out Peter's lawn mowing business for sale on Trademe by clicking the button below.


Is a hedge better than a fence?



If you've ever watched 'The Block' or a home and garden show, you'll know how important it is to enclose your property with either a fence or hedge. Aside from the aesthetics, they have plenty of practical positives as well. However, there has been hot debate on which is better - fence or hedge. So who comes out on top?

Privacy and security

Because many hedges can grow to pretty decent heights (some can get to 2 metres!), you can be assured that your privacy will be maintained. This means a reduced risk of mischievous, thieving eyes peering into your backyard and home. Alternatively it means you can saunter in your stubbies around your garden in peace. 

Muffles sound out better

Hedges work brilliantly as a sound blocker. If you have noisy neighbours or are close to a busy road - you should definitely consider having a hedge. A dense hedge can reduce the decibels of noise by up to 50 percent. Most fences on the other hand, do very little for noise control. If you are interested in noise control with fences, you will need to consider brick or thick wood. 


While fences take the brunt of wind gusts, sometimes it can prove too much and causes the fence to topple over. However, a hedge will slow down a lot of the wind while allowing some to pass through.


Hedges are great for our wildlife! Birds stay in them, flying insects and bees carry nectar from the plants, and a neighbouring hedgehog will call it home. If you have young children - they will really appreciate all the extra wildlife the hedge will bring to the garden.

Interesting background

While a fence can look a bit boring, hedges can add a textured and interesting background to any garden. Some hedges even grow interesting flowers - a two in one surprise!


Fences often have plenty of upkeep and can get worn down very quickly. A well maintained hedge on the other hand will continue to look nice for as long as it's looked after. All it needs is sunlight, water, and 1-2 sessions of hedge trimming a year. Crewcut offers affordable hedge trimming year round, and nationwide! 

Adds value

Plenty of real estate agents agree that a well-maintained and trimmed hedge adds plenty of value to your property. This is particularly pertinent when it comes close to sale time of the property.


So have you been sold on hedges? If you need more help and advice on how to best look after your hedge, make sure to ask you local Crewcut operator. As we come into the sunny months, time spent in the backyard will be much more enjoyed with a nice hedge surrounding it. 



Hey Aucklanders - money does grow in your backyard!



As the age old saying goes: "Money doesn't grow on trees", however, you can grow your money - in your backyard. With the average house in Auckland selling for 1 million (as of May 2017), you could add even more to the house value by having a well maintained garden and lawn. While renovating other areas of the house are sure to make their improvements on the sale price - nothing sells more than the green, green grass and foliage you have outside. In fact, it can raise the value of the property by 16%, which is today's market is around $100,000+!

Potential home owners love to see outdoor areas they can raise their children in, relax in, or just have room for a fun-loving dog to run in. The extra space is a luxury as houses grow closer and closer together. If you have a lawn, take advantage of it with some regular lawn mowing and extra TLC. Crewcut's Auckland lawn mowing team covers all parts of the city and beyond - so if you need your lawns mowed, we're ready.

Many potential buyers like to buy a house with all the landscaping done. So here are a few little tips and tricks to make the most out of your garden:

1. Add or replace some of the plant decor

After a few years, sometimes the plants can look a bit 'had-it'. Whether they're looking droopy or dated, it's time to refresh. Add some variety, and if you can include some tropical plants - these are always in fashion.


2. Add some colour and texture

All green can get a bit drab, so add some potted colour for that instant POP! It will make your garden just a little bit more interesting and desirable. Have flowers in the ground, in pots and even hanging from the entranceway.


3. Facelift an existing deck or build a new one

Decks are just a quintessential part of an Aucklanders backyard. If you already have one, try re-staining it or extend it further. This one requires a bit more work, but has a huge return on investment. Trust us, decks are good no matter their size. 




In saying all of this, when it comes to marketing your property - the garden is probably the least of your concerns. Have you considered getting the professionals instead? Here at Crewcut, we offer section tidies, hedge trimming, tree trimming, garden waste removal and of course - lawn mowing. This spring, if you want you house to be the success story of the street, consider Crewcut to get the job done.

The perfect gift for a Kiwi Father's Day


Father’s day is coming up, do you know what you might be getting?

New underwear? Perhaps a box of chocolates? Or maybe another ‘best dad ever’ mug? While these are ‘mighty fine gifts’, we know you’d prefer something a bit more satisfying.

When the gardening needs doing, or the lawn needs to be mowed, are you often left with the job? While Kiwi dads are built on the ‘can-do’ attitude, sometimes this mantra gets taken advantage of by others in the family. Dads out there, we hear you.

This year, you should be able to sit back with a beer (or cup of tea) in hand and get a company like Crewcut to mow the lawns for you. Enjoy the time with your family instead and leave your backyard to the experts. We think that’s the ultimate Father’s day gift.

So send this to your kids or partner as a subtle memo that ‘hey, I don’t want socks this year’. Ask them instead to treat you with the gift that keeps on giving - the gift of never having to mow your lawns again. You deserve it, because as a Kiwi father, you’re a cut above the rest.

To arrange a free lawn quote, contact us on 0800 800 286

Can a millennial own a lawn care business?



If you were born between 1980 and 2000 then chances are, you fit into the special class of avocado eating, selfie taking, brunch loving millennials. You may be working in a job you enjoy, but are seeking something more fulfilling. Franchise or business ownership is seen as a milestone some reach after a lifetime of ‘working for the man’. Seen as a rite of freedom, it’s generally not reserved for the young. However a lawn care business could possibly be your next best life move during a time when you’re not sure what the future could hold.

Maybe a lawn care business could work? According to a Forbes analysis, 72% of millennials said that they want to be their own boss. They don’t want to listen to others and work extremely hard in a field of work they don’t enjoy. They want to have a life, not a job. There are many opportunities in a lawn care business which would make you perfect for this kind of business, here are a few:

1. Fresh thinking

The newer generations always bring a different kind of thinking to the table (or the lawn). Your generation wants to make a living in a job you’ll enjoy. To do this, you’ll come up with different strategies to make it work.


2. Openness with new technologies

Millennials have been raised with technology - learning another won’t scare you away. In fact, you love it. Embracing new technology ensures you won’t be left behind (especially when the new frontier of automated mowing just around the corner).


3. Born into social media

While much of your work will be behind the garden tools, you have the know-how to film, create and share your work with your surrounding community. You're a natural at Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube and Twitter, while your Baby Booming counterparts tend to struggle. This innate social marketing will make you stand out amongst the crowd. Crewcut appreciates creative thinking to solve business problems, and this is where you could fit in well. 


4. You’re fairly fit and active

Let’s face it, it’s gonna be a lot easier for a 20-something-year-old to stay out and work hard in the gardens for 6+ hours a day. While you’re still fit and active with minimal health issues, it’s the perfect time to own a lawn care business. Some of our lawn care business owners reported walking 25-30km a day during the summer months! Could your Fitbit handle that?


5. You have the time to really build your business and savings

While you’re young and don’t have as many responsibilities in your personal life, you’ll really be able to earn good dollars to save towards your future goals. How else are you going to afford a house in today’s market? With Crewcut operators earning well above industry standard, you’re guaranteed to sneak in a few extra avocados each week.


So you’ve finally decided that a lawn care business is for you, so how do you start? The best thing to do is to talk to our team, by calling us on 0800 800 286, or emailing

How to stop your dog destroying the garden


It’s a real shame when your freshly cut lawn, or beautiful flower garden is subject to the wrath of your (sometimes) crazy dog. Holes, petal-less flowers and plenty of muddy patches are just a few of the signs that your pooch needs garden-etiquette training. Our Crewcut operators see it all, and have come up with some fool-proof ways to keep your garden in top shape whilst having a dog there.

Keep your dog company in the garden

If your dog is out in the garden for an extended period of time, they’re likely to get bored. When this happens, the dog might turn his paws to the ground and get some digging underway. Being with them means they have someone to play with - and also means they’ll be on better behaviour.

Fence off the problem areas

This is key if you have a little garden patch or flowers. The one way to deter your dog from going into these ares and ‘causing a muck’ would be to have a visual aid showing these areas are ‘doggy no-nos’. A little chicken wire fence or a properly installed mini picket-fence should keep them out of these areas. 

Take your dog for longer walks or runs

Dogs are physical creatures. They need plenty of exercise, every day. When the playful pooch feels it’s not getting out all it’s energy, it might turn to other measures that aren’t too friendly to your backyard. Even if it just involves throwing the ball, they will use up more of their energy which means you’ll use less energy keeping your lawn tidy.

Are they stimulated enough?

Just like children, dogs too need plenty of toys to keep them stimulated. Give them toys they can use both inside and outside, but be sure not to leave then out too long or the toys will get dirty and slimy (from curious snails).

There are plenty of other ways to keep your canine from destroying the backyard. Have you read "How to keep cats out of your garden?" What are some of the other ways you keep your dog well behaved in the garden?

Couples that work together - and love it!

Who will look better behind the mower; you or your partner?

Working with your spouse may seem like a scary thought for some. For others however, it could be the start of a bright and successful future. A lawn mowing business is a lot of work, and often takes more than one person to run effectively. In fact, some of our most successful lawn mowing businesses are made up of couples. While many households struggle to keep up with the increasing cost of living, a lawn mowing business could be the secret to ‘trimming those bills down’.

So why does the couple team work?

It works because you’re both the owners of a successful business model. It also means that however you arrange the workload, you will definitely be able to handle more lawns and gardens.
You’ll have someone to talk to. Someone you know the strengths and weaknesses of, and in this way, you’ll be able to better assign tasks and roles.

If you want proof, check out Don and Sue from sunny Tauranga who have really enjoyed owning a lawn mowing franchise together. See their video here.

What are the different combinations?

One out mowing - one managing the books

A popular combo is the mowing and book keeping duo. While one is out doing the lawns, the other is working on all the finances and contacting clients. This is effective as it saves double handling of jobs and solidifies your roles (which would negate any possible arguments)

Both do mowing

If both are tackling the mowing, you’ll be able to get plenty of lawns done in a day. The average single mowing operator can get around 8-10 lawns done in a day. If there’s two of you? You can only imagine how many you’ll mow through.

One does mowing, the other does gardening

Although Crewcut is primarily a lawn maintenance business, the unsung hero is gardening. If one or you looks after the gardens, that’s a huge opportunity made for extension of your services. Customers really seek operators who will go the extra mile and provide a whole range of services in their backyard. 

How do we start?

If you're interested in giving a Crewcut business a go, make sure you do your research and your own personal assessment. If you’re unsure about the qualities you’ll need, have a read of ‘7 reasons a lawn mowing franchise might be for you'. If you’re still interested, give us a call on 0800 800 286 or email us and we’d be happy to talk to you about a business for your ‘couple team’. So who will look better behind the mower? We’ll let you two decide on that one. 

How to get your kids outside in the holidays

How do you keep the children entertained throughout the school holiday? Especially in winter! At a time of the year when everyone generally stays indoors - we’re saying, get them outside! The best way to boost their immunity, understanding of nature and self awareness is to get them immersed in conditions they might not normally experience.

1. Visit the Auckland Botanic Gardens

There’s an abundance of activities to do here during the school holidays, including nature challenges, kids vs. wild, Matariki mobiles and much more! And if you can't make it to the programs, children love walking around the gardens and learning about all the various plants and flowers that make this garden so full of life. Winter growth is very unique which makes it the perfect time to visit the gardens. 

2. Wilder kids.

If you’re in Wellington, your kids are going to love the Wilder Kids programme. Aimed at 5-12 year olds, your children will have a fun outdoorsy day learning about nature, creepy crawlies and how to protect everything in New Zealand’s big backyard. The programme runs every school holidays, and while winter limits outdoor time, your kids will still be learning heaps.

3. Conscious kids

Similar to the Wilder Kids programme is the Conscious kids winter group which runs in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. This happens during the second week of the holidays and is open to all ages. It’s a 100% nature based program that aims to get Kiwi kids outside and exploring whilst learning problem solving skills and environmental awareness. 

4. Mud pie delight

Of course we can’t all afford to put our kids into holiday programs, so why not utilise the mud in the back yard? Kids absolutely LOVE mud pies. Can we get any more Kiwi than loving a good pie? All you’ll need is a decently sized bucket with smooth dirt and decorative imagination. They’ll get messy and you might too (just don’t wear anything too fancy).

We at Crewcut love the outdoors, and kids especially do too. Why you should get kids in the garden highlights more reasons why the great outdoors is the best classroom your child can have. Let them enjoy the outdoors these school holidays so they can appreciate everything mother nature has to offer.


7 reasons a lawn mowing business might be for you

If you’ve ever talked to someone who owns a lawn mowing business, they’ve probably told you that it’s improved their life in many ways. You might be wondering how, and if you could mow lawns for a living too. So, here are the 7 main reasons why a lawn mowing business might be for you.

1. You want to call the shots in a business you can own

Owning your own business comes with the special authority to ‘be your own boss’. While you still get support from head office and a nationwide network of other franchisees, you are ultimately the maker of your own success. Do the hours you want, the days you want, and organise your business in the way you want to.

2. You want more time to spend with your family

One of the big reasons people come to us for a Crewcut business, is so they can spend more time with their family. As you can set your own schedule, it will allow for more flexibility - so, more time to hang out with the family (or do a bit of relaxing in the man cave).

3. You love the outdoors

It comes with the territory that a lawn mowing operator is going to get plenty of outdoor time. If you want to be successful in this kind of work, you’ll love the outdoors - sunshine or rain. It’s been scientifically proven that if you spend more time outside, you’ll spend less time at the doctor’s clinic. Boosted immunity, plenty of exercise and douses of Vitamin D are going to make you one healthy individual. 

4. You like people and you don’t mind having a chat

Although you’ll be dealing with lawns, you’ll also be dealing with the people that own them. We’ve found that the most successful lawn mowing operators love people - or at least, love talking. At the end of the day, any good business needs communication, and people skills. Trust us, a little communication goes a long way.

5. You like getting a bit more hands-on than you would in the office

Whether you’re mowing, pruning or clearing sections, you love getting hands on and doing things with a bit more (blood, sweat and tears) than in your regular office environment. 

6. Extra money? That sounds good

With Crewcut, you’ll be provided with plenty of customers for as long as you own the business. And with this, you’ll always have a steady flow of income. If you play your cards right, you’ll be earning well above what an independent lawn mowing operator would earn. Compared to other lawn mowing franchises, our low franchise fees means more money in your back-pocket. 

7. You want to own a lawn mowing business, but being independent sounds scary

A lawn mowing business can be stressful to set up on your own. However, with a nationwide network, most of the work is done for you. You’ll get a customer base, ongoing support, successful marketing, and all the things you need to make your business successful. Customers can trust a well-known franchise, which means you’ll be trusted too. Crewcut has now been in operation for over 25 years, which makes it one of the most respected and relied upon lawn mowing services in New Zealand.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how a Crewcut franchise could benefit your lifestyle, please give us a call on 0800 800 286 or alternatively email us

Grow your own Avocados


Who doesn’t love a good avocado these days. Smeared on a bagel with a drizzle of olive oil and crumbles of feta. Mmmmmm. But who loves paying $5 for one? Not us.
So why don’t you try growing your own avocado tree and never run out of one of the most popular green delicacies? Many of our franchisees enjoy running their own avocado orchards when they’re not behind the mower. (YouTube link here) 

So here we have created your easy, how-to-guide for growing your own avo tree.

  1. When you next eat an avocado, keep a hold of the big seed inside. Wash it and then pierce it with 3 toothpicks evenly around the seed. 
  2. Fill a glass with water. Next place the avocado on top of the glass so that half of the seed is in water, and the other half above water (this is where those toothpicks work well).
  3. Now place this glass in a warm area that’s out of direct sunlight.
  4. The next stage is waiting. Generally roots and a stem start showing in about 2-6 weeks. When the stem reaches 6-7 inches long, cut it back to 3 inches.
  5. When the steam gains leaves again and the roots are fairly thick, you should be able to plant in rich soil, with half the seed exposed. 
  6. Make sure to continue watering, but don’t let it drown! Keep it in some sunlight and the plant should be forever happy.
  7. When the stem grows to 12 inches, cut it back to half this height as this will encourage new shoots to grow. 

When the avocado sapling is a bit big for the pot, it will be able to go into the ground. Place it in good sunlight - avocados love sunbathing as an adult just like us.  You won’t need to dig too deep a hole as the avocado plant is shallow-rooted. 

All things aside, it does take a few years to see any of those green delights. If you grow from a seed, it can take anywhere from 5-13 years before the plant is able to produce avocados. It might seem like a long haul, but once they reach 5 years old, they can produce around 200-300 avocados….that’s about $1000-$1500 in today’s market! 

And if you don’t end up wanting the avocados after all? They make a great side-of-the-road sale, especially in summer!

Avocados are definitely in fashion, and they will be for a long time to come. So get the shovel out and start making your own avocado plantation! 

Mulching Tips

Mulching is essentially any type of material that covers soil and prevents weeds, frostbite and loss of moisture. It’s something not every home owner knows about but is beneficial to the health of your garden and plants. It can come in the form of bark, grass clippings, newspaper or shredded leaves. We have gone into a bit more detail to explain how mulching can benefit your garden. 

Grass clippings - this type of mulching is great for suppressing weeds. However as grass has a high water content, it can decompose fairly quickly. This is a simple addition your Crewcut operator could offer you after cutting your lawn. 

Newspaper - this type of mulching is becoming increasingly popular. Layered newspaper sheets are effective for moisture retention and are also good at suppressing weeds. Spread 4-8 sheets of newspaper around the plants you want to mulch near, and moisten the sheets so they don’t blow away. 

Bark - this type of mulching is best used around trees, garden beds and shrubs. They don’t however mix well with soil so they can be hard to shift around when you want to create space for new plants. Bark is the most long lasting of all the mulches, which is why it is commonly used. 

Shredded leaves - this is natures most favourite mulch as they can be used anywhere in the garden. It’s a big advert for earth worms which will really help with your soil. 

One of the questions we get is: "Should you mulch during the winter?" To which the simple answer is - Yes! Mulching helps to protect the plants from frostbite and from completely freezing which can damage the plant’s roots. It’s important to get in the mulching before the spring season when there’s a surge of rapid growth. 

You only need to place down a few inches as mulch will eventually decompose and will need to be replaced. Our friendly operators would be more than happy to help out here. Next time your operator is in, ask if they would be able to add this to your regular garden service. Trust us, your plants will thank you for it.

How to prevent lawn frostbite

It’s quite chilly these days in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Lucky for us, we can turn up the heating. But just think how it must be for your grass out there. Our grass puts up with a lot, but sometimes the colder weather can be a bit too ‘nippy’.

Many plants go into dormancy over the colder periods and can lose their green colour. Freezing temperatures can turn your lawn brown, but don’t fret, this is perfectly normal. Don’t fertilise your lawn during winter, instead wait for the natural cycle to occur during the spring season. Remember to water your plants and grass as they still need to keep hydrated during the colder months. Drought even in winter can cause the roots to dry up and die. 

‘So, when should I water my plants and grass’ you might be asking?
The simple answer is: do it in the morning. This way the moisture has plenty of time to soak into the soil. If it’s done at night, sometimes it doesn’t evaporate well at night which means it stays on the blades and encourages fungal growth. You don’t need to water as much as you would in summer, about half of what you would have done. 

Another tip is to cut your lawn perhaps longer than you normally would. This reduces the risk of ‘scalping’ which is cutting the lawn too short and making it susceptible to weeds and further damage. 

These simple tips will keep your lawn happy in the colder months and prevent those unwanted brown leaves.

Keeping Cats Out Of Your Garden


We’ll let the cat out of the bag, nobody wants their beautiful garden turning into a neighbourhood litter box. Cat urine is extremely harmful to plants, and aside from this, it smells pretty bad too. Unfortunately male cats do this to claim their territory and to let female cats know they’re in the area. You could shoo them off every 10 minutes, but there are far less exhausting methods to keep those cats in their own gardens. Some ideas include:

Motion activated sprinklers

This kind of sprinkler is only activated when a cat comes nearby. The unexpected burst of water is enough to make the cat run for the hills and not return. It’s in no way harmful to the cat, just a bit unpleasant. 

Chicken wire fencing

If you’re growing a bit of a veggie patch, the best way to keep those paws out is with chicken wire fencing. The texture of this will keep cats away as it’s quite uncomfortable to sit on. 

Pine cones

Cats don’t like the feeling of pine cones, so try spreading these around some of those toilet hot spots. 

Citrus and coffee grounds

An easy way is using strong scents. Cats don't like these smells. But be sure not to put the citrus and coffee grounds ON your plants, just around the area. 

A cat’s ‘present’ in your garden isn’t generally appreciated, so try these handy tips to keep your garden feline-free. 

What grass is between your toes?


You may think that grass is a one type suits all, but you’d be mistaken. In New Zealand alone there are about 6 common grasses that are typically used in backyards. It’s important to know what type you have or type you want as this will determine how often you need to water, or if it’s appropriate for children and pets.

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue

This is the lush green carpet stuff that tolerates shade. It needs plenty of watering throughout the summer months. Tall fescue is the most recommended for Auckland. 

Fine Fescue

Fine Fescue

Fine fescue

This is similar to the tall fescue except that it has a very fine leaf. It doesn’t live well in humid environments as it easily attracts fungal diseases. Therefore it doesn’t work too well in Auckland but instead in Christchurch.


Couch grass

Couch grass

Couch grass

This is the rugged grass that is becoming more popular. It needs to be in the full sun as it doesn’t cope well in shade and frost. In these conditions the grass can become dormant, but will flourish again when soil temperatures increase. This is the most ideal for children and pets as it grows sideways - making it quite sturdy. It would be good for any location with full sun or by the beach as it manages with high salt concentration. 

Kikuyu grass

Kikuyu grass

Kikuyu grass

Very similar to the couch grass but is available in an instant form.

Rye grass

Rye grass

Rye grass

This is popular as a sports field grass especially during winter as it has a positive recovery. Doesn’t like the shade too much and it needs ongoing watering. This is good for full sun exposure. 

Mixed blend

Mixed blend

Mixed blend

This can be one of the more undesirable breeds of grass as it has a blend of different seeds. As a result there can be a mixture of weeds and it can become expensive to maintain. 

Whatever grass you have, Crewcut can keep it tidy. We have the know-how and the skills to keep it in top condition, year round!

Giant Poppy and Crewcut

In 2015, local artist Tony McNeight created a giant poppy in the Auckland Domain with over 59,000 metal poppy discs. People of all ages came down and wrote heart felt messages on these poppies to collectively create the biggest poppy ever. Tony has a strong connection to the Anzac commemorations as his family members served in WW1. This project is for all that feel like they can’t or haven’t been able to truly say thank you to those who served in WW1.  

Tony believes that Anzac is still very relevant today:
There’s something inside of us that wants to keep this fire burning….it’s a fire of freedom.

Especially for the younger generation who may have never met their past family members who served: 

For young people it’s an opportunity for them to find out about their great grandparents and what they did and who they were. What sort of people they were, what sort of hardships they went through - terrible hardships.

During the 9 days that the poppy was being created, Frederic Leturque, mayor of Arras (a town in France) came and placed a poppy. He recently requested Tony to recreate the Giant Poppy in a town square in Arras where there is strong historical connection. During WW1, Kiwis helped the French by building a large map of underground tunnels that were used to store animals, troops and hide behind enemy lines. During this time, many gave their lives to protect our freedom and the freedom of the French people.

This kind of connection is what the French people want to remember, commemorate and give thanks to. 

Tony set up a fundraiser to get his Giant Poppy over to Arras, and Crewcut was proud to support his project. If you want more information on his journey, visit his website:

The NOT so marvellous mushroom

Are you battling with Mushrooms or Fungi in your garden with all the wet weather?

If you don't want them and have a problem with removal - Epsom salts are all you need!
The Epsom salts will balance the pH of your soil to help get rid of them. 


  1. Grab a 5 litre watering can and fill with water.
  2. Put 60g of Epsom salts and stir in.
  3. Pour over the affected area.

Epsom salt is safe to use and won’t burn your grass. It is a great fertiliser as it contains magnesium which helps plants absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur which are the main ingredients to a green lush lawn!

You can expect a few to pop up in your garden over the winter period - so remembering this handy tip will keep them at bay.

Why you should get kids in the garden


As we advance into a more technological age, the art of gardening is becoming more and more redundant. We notice that increasingly, people want ‘low maintenance’ instead. But having a flourishing garden with shrubs, flowers, and fruit & veg is one of the most rewarding things. Kids today spend more time indoors looking at screens then they do outside looking at nature.

Gardening is healthy and is fun for children. Not only will it help with their understanding of how things grow; but they will learn responsibility, love of nature, good nutrition, physical activity and understanding of life. There’s also a great reward if the plants flourish as they will be able to physically see what hard work can earn. 

Some simple ways to get your children interested in gardening include:

  • Giving them their own little garden space. This could even be just a few pots for them to grow their plants.
  • Use specialised, light weight equipment that children will find special to them. Not only is it a lot safer but is more unique as they feel a sense of ownership and pride.
  • Get older kids to plan the garden space and the younger ones to plant them (who doesn’t love a good mud pie!)
  • Visit public gardens for ideas and inspiration. 

Different tasks you can give your child include:

  • Digging
  • Picking flowers
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Picking vegetables when they are ready to eat
  • Replanting and potting
  • Decorating pots with paint
  • Picking off dead bulbs

You don’t have to have the greenest thumb to get your child interested in gardening. It’s all about ‘planting the seed’ (see what we did there) so that your children may grow their own healthy garden to share for future generations.