Hey Aucklanders - money does grow in your backyard!



As the age old saying goes: "Money doesn't grow on trees", however, you can grow your money - in your backyard. With the average house in Auckland selling for 1 million (as of May 2017), you could add even more to the house value by having a well maintained garden and lawn. While renovating other areas of the house are sure to make their improvements on the sale price - nothing sells more than the green, green grass and foliage you have outside. In fact, it can raise the value of the property by 16%, which is today's market is around $100,000+!

Potential home owners love to see outdoor areas they can raise their children in, relax in, or just have room for a fun-loving dog to run in. The extra space is a luxury as houses grow closer and closer together. If you have a lawn, take advantage of it with some regular lawn mowing and extra TLC. Crewcut's Auckland lawn mowing team covers all parts of the city and beyond - so if you need your lawns mowed, we're ready.

Many potential buyers like to buy a house with all the landscaping done. So here are a few little tips and tricks to make the most out of your garden:

1. Add or replace some of the plant decor

After a few years, sometimes the plants can look a bit 'had-it'. Whether they're looking droopy or dated, it's time to refresh. Add some variety, and if you can include some tropical plants - these are always in fashion.


2. Add some colour and texture

All green can get a bit drab, so add some potted colour for that instant POP! It will make your garden just a little bit more interesting and desirable. Have flowers in the ground, in pots and even hanging from the entranceway.


3. Facelift an existing deck or build a new one

Decks are just a quintessential part of an Aucklanders backyard. If you already have one, try re-staining it or extend it further. This one requires a bit more work, but has a huge return on investment. Trust us, decks are good no matter their size. 




In saying all of this, when it comes to marketing your property - the garden is probably the least of your concerns. Have you considered getting the professionals instead? Here at Crewcut, we offer section tidies, hedge trimming, tree trimming, garden waste removal and of course - lawn mowing. This spring, if you want you house to be the success story of the street, consider Crewcut to get the job done.